Successful supervision of a Master thesis in the topic of sustainable transport interchanges

ALLIANCE project would like to congratulate Prof. Irina Kuzmina-Merlino, who is an active participant of the ALLIANCE project, for the successful supervision of a master thesis entitled “Business Model as a Tool for a Company’s Strategic Management” in the topic of sustainable transport interchanges. The topic of this particular master thesis came from activities of ALLIANCE project and specifically, the realization of the STSE (short-term staff exchanges) between TTI and Fraunhofer, the 1st summer school, the collaboration research activities with Fraunhofer and the new course “Building Business Models for Intermodal Transport Interchanges”, which was developed by  Dr.-Ing. Henning Strubelt.

Mr. Farrukh Safarov’s master thesis was aiming at designing the prototype of a business model as a tool for transport companies’ strategic management. The prototype was developed based on the modern scientific and economic literature in the field of corporate governance and international experience of successful implementation of business models in the transport industry.