University of Thessaly

UTH participates in ALLIANCE with the Traffic, Transportation and Logistics Laboratory (TTLog) of the Department of Civil Engineering. TTLog being one of the leading university laboratories in Greece in the domain of transportation, has a wide expertise in the field of urban mobility, urban/interurban freight transport and logistics, either coordinating or participating in numerous research initiatives. Among the objectives of the laboratory are:

  • The support of undergraduate/postgraduate educational and research programs.
  • The guidance and supervision of doctoral research of methodological, theoretical, scientific and technical content in the transport sector.
  • The cooperation with research centers and technological organizations in Greece and abroad.
  • The organization of seminars and conferences for the continuous training of the academic personnel and students.
  • The scientific publications and books.

UTH is strongly involved in research related to data collection and analysis of urban-interurban trips, sustainability, institutional framework in urban and regional planning, policy development, project management and evaluation, intermodal transport and transport interchanges, freight transportation, city logistics, decision-making frameworks applied both in passenger and freight long-short distance interconnection and smart urban freight solutions and TTLog skilful personnel has participated in a great number of EC-financed projects under the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes (FP).

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