Shortening the turnaround times of aircraft by improving ground handling processes through a simulation study

David Weigert, Alina Rettmann, Iyad Alomar, Juri Tolujew

Proceedings of the 2018 4th International Conference on Logistics Operations Management (GOL)
DOI: 10.1109/GOL.2018.8378081
: ground vehicle movement, simulation study, aircraft processes, routing

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This paper focuses on the prioritization of certain ground vehicles and improving turnaround times of airplanes at the apron of the Riga International Airport. This leads to a hastening of ground operations at the viewed airport. Performance indicators to measure delay and delay improvement within the system are the non-operation period of an airplane, the distance and time by ground vehicles needed to get to their assigned task. Due to the rising number of passengers within the next years, the effectiveness of these indicators needs to rise. Based on the conceptual model, a rough calculation containing time for necessary tasks at an airport as well as data about airplanes, which departure and arrive at Riga International Airport. Based on the rough calculation and the conceptual model a simulation model will built, with which new insights and new ideas for future simulation studies might be gained.