RFID in Logistics and Production – Applications, Research and Visions for Smart Logistics Zones

Martin Kirch, Olaf Poenicke, Klaus Richter 

Procedia Engineering (1877-7058), Vol. 178, pp. 526-533 (2017)

DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2017.01.101

Keywords: auto-ID, RFID, smart logistics zone, automotive, retail

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The demands on the automatic identification and localization as also the condition monitoring of logistics objects as sources of data for a secure supply chain’s documentation and control are increasing. By using such technologies Smart Logistics Zones are created for logistics and production processes. This paper describes an approach to define such Smart Logistics Zones. As examples for Smart Logistics Zone applications two RFID bases use cases are described. By that the potential of using Smart Logistics technologies is shown. One example focuses on the RFID tagging of prototype parts for the automotive industry. The other example describes the use case and the methodology for the integration of RFID for a pallet management application.