Holistic Approach to Passenger Terminal Risk Estimation

Irina Yatskiv, Vaira Gromule

In Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Stochastic Models in Reliability Engineering, Life Science and Operations Management (SMRLO’16), Ilia Frenkel and Anatoly Lisnianski (eds.), Beer Sheva, Israel, February 15-18, pp. 643 – 649 (2016)
DOI: 10.1109/SMRLO.2016.114

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The role of public transport in sustainable development of cities and regions is crucial. The article is focused on the problem of safety and security risk analysis in terminals. For passenger terminals with the development of information technology, the concentration of vehicles and passengers’ accumulation, the problem of increasing the level of safety and security becomes more and nore significant. The article presents the risk management system development for Riga International Coach Terminal (RICT). The authors consider the RICT risk management as a multi-step process, which aims to reduce or compensate for the object upon the occurrence of adverse events. To develop recommendations for the selection of risk management methods there were conducted identification, classification and analysis of specific risks in terminal. Particular emphasis is placed on the collection of data for risk assessment in RICT. The article deals with the possibility of a systematic approach to it, especially the functioning of the passenger terminal in terms of qualitative and quantitative risk management.