Expected impacts

The expected impacts on the overall research and innovation potential of TTI and Latvian research community will be of high importance and TTI will benefit from ALLIANCE by:

  • Improving its knowledge in methodologies for preparing, writing and publishing scientific papers
  • Strengthening its research capacity
  • Establishing international research teams in specific areas of interest
  • Generating new innovative ideas for future research work through the project’s activities
  • Setting up the fundamentals for the young generation of researchers
  • Being integrated in a number of existing international transportation research networks
  • Being incorporated in the European research system of transport and logistics.

The ALLIANCE project and the cooperation of TTI with the two research institutions UTH and IFF will induce benefits into several domains of everyday life both at regional and national level as well as internationally. First of all, new bases will be established concerning knowledge transfer procedures, education and interdepartmental collaboration amongst research institutes. The innovative organizational framework which will be structured for this reason through the project is expected to constitute a best practice application with tangible and well estimated progress results which will be disseminated and communicated through social events to the research community and to the respective business sector as well.

In addition, the application of innovative, smart and state of the art solutions either well-tried or based on best practice results will provide the necessary guarantee towards the increase in the effectiveness of new projects in the transport domain. Lastly, an important benefit will be the configuration of an integrated framework pertaining to the knowledge transfer techniques and the generic upgrading of the educational system with use of networking, staff exchange, webinars and other knowledge transfer methods and techniques based on a well structured and well-tried schedule.