Designing a Vissim-Model for a motorway network with systematic calibration on the basis of travel time measurements

Ioannis Karakikes, Matthias Spangler, Martin Margreiter

Transport Research Procedia (ISSN:  2352-1465), Vol. 24, pp. 171–179 (2017)
DOI: 10.1016/j.trpro.2017.05.086
Keywords: Vissim model, systematic calibration, motorway network, simulation

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This paper describes a systematic calibration process of a motorway network in Vissim, based on travel time measurements that were derived from limited number of Bluetooth detectors. The case study that is developed, establishes an example for practitioners that are interested in designing motorway networks with microscopic simulation tools. The three-hour microscopic traffic simulation model that will be analyzed, replicates a motorway network which is located in the wider area of Bavaria in Germany and consists of 500 links, 113 nodes and 1820 origin-destination pairs. Model’s systematic calibration and validation under the suggested approach show very good results in 96.5 % of the created intervals, for both cars and heavy vehicles.